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Current uncertain and unprecedented environment is forcing leaders to make strategic and often tough decisions daily. Entromy can help you manage your organization with automated and comprehensive intelligence in hours not weeks, at a fraction of consulting cost, all without sacrificing quality.

Critical Results in Hours

Unlike any other survey platforms, Entromy’s real-time collaborative surveys create a virtual focus group by interacting, connecting and building on ideas to gain consulting-quality insights in hours while requiring only minutes from the people in the organization.

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    Minimal Set-up

    With packaged consultant quality frameworks, communication templates, and easy uploads that requires at little as minutes to launch.

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    Familiar Survey Experience

    Building on common survey experience, and adding breakthrough interactive features available on computer, mobile or kiosk in many languages for maximum reach.

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    Powerful AI, NLP & ONA Engine

    Real-time NLP and AI engine creates uniquely dynamic and collaborative experience, bringing quality of interviews and focus groups to survey process while managing sensitivity of topics.

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    Quality Results

    Entromy automatically packages insights into PowerPoint materials the same way a management consultant would, making it easy to understand key messages, but also drill into any details offline or online.

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    Driving Action

    Leveraging Entromy’s critical insights and best practices frameworks enables rapid decision making for organizational transformation. We have partnered with industry leading management consulting firms to deliver and support lasting change.

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What Makes Entromy Different

The Entromy platform uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to tap into unstructured comments and data in real-time, and ultimately by adding context from organizational network analysis, our platform uncovers the deep insights that are often missing in traditional surveys and dashboards.

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    Powered by AI

    Our intelligence engine gets to work as your first participants begin to respond: the platform effortlessly tests hypotheses, connects relevant points in real-time, and facilitates seamless virtual conversation to uncover nuanced issues across various demographics.

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    Natural Language Processing

    Entromy’s Natural Language Processing automatically categorizes free form comments, ideas, and problems to summarize key themes based on business meaning. Critical topics and issues from user input are prioritized to uncover the specific issues driving success and clear areas of opportunity.

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    Organizational Network Analysis

    Entromy captures information about how works gets done within the organization – who provides direction, inspiration, and problem solving. By analyzing these patterns, Entromy captures ideas on key change agents.

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Our Clients

The Entromy platform was developed by professional management consultants to enable informed decision making in near real-time, which previously required weeks of efforts. Our clients range from executives to senior leaders in private equity and management consulting.

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    PE Operating Partners

    Understand in-depth health of portfolio companies, their executive teams and ability to achieve value creation plan. Collaborate better with portcos’ executive teams and create shared strategic alignment.

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    Management Consultants

    Leverage Entromy’s technology to dramatically reduce time and cost requirements in the diagnostic phase, increase sales win rate and build differentiated service offerings.

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    Understand strategic alignment within executive team, operational maturity, ability to deliver on strategic plan, key business risks, and critical influencers

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    People Officers

    Help build a transparent and high-performance culture, retain top talent, identify change agents and resolve problems that stand the way of growth

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Join the 200+ Fortune 500 companies, private equity managers and consulting firms that trust Entromy to inform their decision making and drive value for their clients.

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