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  • Are your senior executives ready for 2020?

    The 2018 Entromy Leadership Study, conducted in partnership with the Institute for Contemporary Leadership, revealed that only half of the surveyed senior executives felt confident about achieving their annual strategic priorities. Yet, many reported that they were unable to share honest and candid feedback that would have helped their organizations.

    Entromy’s Accelerated Strategy Planning solution can help build a successful vision for growth and achieve greater buy-in from staff

    Entromy has pioneered the near-real time collection of insights to help shape company vision, innovation initiatives, and competitive threats, while driving crucial buy-in from key stakeholders. As you prepare for your end-of-year planning, you can deploy this solution to help prepare your team.

    Using Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing, Entromy provides an executive-focused organizational health diagnostic solution. This can help you accelerate strategic planning. Senior leaders to reflect on priorities, and also provide feedback on their counterparts’ input. The platform aggregates this input via real-time crowd-sourcing technology that promoted transparency and open feedback while preserving anonymity. Entromy has worked with hundreds of executive teams in developing this solution.

    User of Entromy’s Accelerated Strategy Planning solution report significant improvements in team alignment and time-to-gather insights

    “Using Entromy, we were able to run our most effective strategy planning session ever. Every executive received terrific pre-read materials combining insights from everyone on the leadership team. It took less than 20 mins of everyone’s time, but the shared materials gave us a huge head start and allowed us to focus the session on planning and next level of detail.

    — CEO, leading technology company”

    Type of insights…

    In our experience, senior leadership teams have found the following questions of greatest value in shaping strategic planning:

    1. What are 2-3 accomplishments that you are most proud of in 2018?
    2. If a business priority was not achieved in 2018, what were the key challenges that prevented success?
    3. What concerns do you have as we embark on 2019?
    4. Is your team ready for 2019? If not, what needs to be addressed?
    5. What are the top 2-3 things we can implement to enable faster growth in 2019?

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