People Officer

You are looking to partner with business executives to develop high performance culture and processes. With competitive pressures to adapt to demographic shifts, and to incorporate the benefits of technology, analytics and automation, you are looking for better pulse on your organization. You seek to understand where teams are ineffectively managed, under-resourced, or being disrupted due to restructuring or technology changes. This will better allow you to preemptively to either support business growth, M&A or restructuring. You need to detect any risks that could jeopardize your company’s brand perception for potential candidates and current employees. You are seeking an edge that will give you more effective and actionable feedback from the organization. And you need the right people to have visibility into the necessary information in real-time so you can better focus on people-strategic issues and partnering with the organization.

Key Pain Points

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    Understand true priority issues, ideas and emerging problems in real-tim

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    Create a high-performing, collaborative and trusting environment

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    Reduce the cost and time of capturing priority issues and input from distributed teams

You operate within constraints

You need a solution that will seamlessly manage potentially sensitive topics, is easy to use, secure and ease to deploy. At the same time, you need specificity of insights and ability to empower teams and divisions to avoid becoming an administrative bottleneck. You often struggle with the perception of organizational issues being dismissed as too soft to be considered top priorities or receive an adequate budget. Entromy has been designed by former management consultants to add business impact and seamlessly fit your current processes.

  • Here is how Entromy can help:


    Conduct real-time and highly specific organizational diagnostic and pulse – cheaper, faster and more effectively for any part of the organization


    Obtain high quality PowerPoint summary slides, or detailed Excel reports with a single button to reduce the manual burden on your teams


    Establish trust and open dialogue with confidentiality and secure access features


    Monitor the impact of actions over time to understand progress

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