Management Consultant

When engaging with clients, you are looking to deliver impact and establish a trusting relationship. To do this, you want to diagnose the organization and problems as efficiently as possible to focus on driving change with the client. You need to stay close to the implementation to detect and prevent any risks that could jeopardize the success of the project or the relationship. You are looking for ways to remain connected with the client to better scope and plan your projects and ensure continued success.

Key Pain Points

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    Reduce cost of diagnostic phase – time and money

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    Improve value, speed and delivery of impact for the client all the way through implementation

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    Free up your team from low value-added work

You operate within constraints

You cannot entertain a solution that introduces risk to your engagement, and you need to ensure that it fits seamlessly with your processes. At the same time, you want to make sure that you will receive the right level of help to enable your teams and support your clients. Entromy has been designed by former consultants so you can be assured it will seamlessly fit your current engagement processes with the attention to details and value that you are used to.

  • Here is how Entromy can help:


    Conduct a diagnostic faster and cheaper while reaching larger part of the organization or customer base


    Obtain high-quality  draft PowerPoint summary slides, or detailed Excel reports with a single button to reduce manual burden on your teams and/or client partners


    Provide clients with secure access


    Stay close to clients even after diagnostic to maximize impact


    Leverage solution built by company that understands consulting process and customize your delivery through white-label options

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