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As an executive you are constantly overloaded with information as you try to drive impact and make decisions, often while battling issues or emergencies. This is especially true when you run a larger organization or are just stepping into a new role. You are looking to deliver impact, establish trust with your leadership teams, and become efficient in getting the right information to act. To do this, you want to diagnose the organization and problems as efficiently as possible. Additionally, you need to stay close to the business to detect and prevent any risks that could jeopardize the success of your vision and plans. You want to create a high performing culture where you empower your teams to act, and establish a brand of openness and innovation to become attractive for top talent.

Key Pain Points

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    Understand true priority issues, ideas and emerging problems in real-tim

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    Create a high-performing, collaborative and trusting environment

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    Reduce the cost and time of capturing priority issues and input from distributed teams

You operate within constraints

Your schedule is packed and your e-mails are constantly flowing demanding your instant attention. You cannot easily interact with everyone because your organization is complex, distributed, and even operating across multiple time-zones. You need the ability to help surface true issues from the noise, get a quick view on specific topics. Financial and operating metrics often don’t provide the necessary understanding of root-causes. You want to make sure that you will receive the right level of insight to enable your teams. Entromy has been designed by former management consultants so that you can easily obtain specific and substantive information to help you make the right decisions with ease.

  • Here is how Entromy can help:


    Conduct a diagnostic faster and cheaper across the organization or customer base to surface priority issues


    Automatically get high quality PowerPoint summary slides, or detailed Excel reports with a single button click to reduce the manual burden on your teams


    Provide access to your teams with robust enterprise security


    Empower your teams with the same real-time access to create alignment

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